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  1. I believe that is our Mike Mansfield…a principle player in getting Medicare through Congress…directly behind LBJ.

    Mike was one of the good guys. Even if he was a capitalist.

    An original Blue Dog, they don’t make ’em like Mike anymore. Not in Congress anyway.

  2. Yeah, single payer…. Everybody in, nobody out. What a great idea!

    And, you know what? It seems vaguely, well, Christian, too. So I’m surprised the conservative Hyper-Christians are not all for it. Oh, silly me. I forgot. They actually worship Gordon Gekko while publicly proclaiming something quite different (like Rick Perry’s football stadium prayer-fest).

    Physicians for a National Health Plan has a neat FAQ with a LOT of answers (well, theirs, anyway) about a single-payer system, right here.

      1. You should update with that National Women’s Law Center Guide. (“Maybe“).
        Women who already have insurance may not see the benefit until next year.
        Assuming Obama wins and the law is not overturned, diluted, corrupted, etc…

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