Which is more important: The First Amendment? Or the Second?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott plans to appeal a court ruling that struck down his state’s 2011 ban on doctors asking patients about guns in their homes.

It’s called the Docs vs. Glocks rule, and was a piece of legislation heavily favored by the National Rife Association.

The announcement comes less than a month before the GOP meets in Tampa, to, mostly likely, nominate Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate.

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  1. How is it protecting “free speech” to allow doctors to question potential patients on issues completely unrelated to healthcare and medicine in one state, while demanding doctors in another state lie to their patients if they’re considering an abortion?

    The 1st Amendment isn’t the issue here.
    The 2nd Amendment isn’t the issue here.
    The issue here is how far some people will go to make complete asses out of themselves.

    1. The abortion issue aside, I don’t think gun ownership is outside the range of a health exam. And I say that as someone with a gun in my house.

      1. Really? I can’t imagine how gun ownership would even come up during a health exam.
        Maybe if one was riddled with bullet wounds/scars or something.
        How would the conversation get from “turn your head and cough” to “do you own a gun”?

        1. Yeah, really. The original law said doctors can’t ask about gun ownership, period, and I’d prefer to have that as an option in a domestic violence situation, for starters.

          1. Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature adopted the Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act in 2011 after an Ocala couple complained that a doctor had asked them about guns. The couple says they refused to answer and the physician refused to see them again.

            Exactly why the doctor asked about guns doesn’t seem important to the media. I can’t find anything on it. But then the couple decided to to complain publicly about it, instead of just finding another doctor. And then The Alien That Is Governor Of Florida called in more Aliens from the NRA., which guaranteed any sense of reasonableness or common sense got thrown out the escape hatch.

            I’m not saying there would never be an instance where a reasonable doctor might inquire about gun ownership. But not as a matter of routine.

            In a domestic violence situation I would expect the doctor to be taking care of a patient’s injuries first. I could imagine some scenarios, especially concerning injury to children, where the subject might come up. But investigating crimes is up to the police…unless it’s some cop show on TV.

            1. I find it odd that a doctor would refuse to see a patient or patients again, but who am I to judge? Did the doctor suspect something? Why else would a doctor ask? And the people were well within their rights to refuse to answer, so oh well.

              I didn’t get the impression that this question is a matter of a routine health care exam. If this couple is the norm, perhaps the news coverage would have mentioned other cases — but then, that may be expecting too much all around. Maybe we agree more than we don’t. I was at a doctor’s office recently and used the bathroom and there was a domestic violence poster on the door inside the restroom, and I thought, “Good.” That, to me, showed that the people in that office were awake and aware and I didn’t take offense at it, though there is no domestic violence in my house. What I’m trying (inexpertly) to say is that I appreciate someone’s diligence, and the fact that they ask doesn’t, to me, indict me. Go ahead and ask if I have a gun. Go ahead and ask if my husband hits me. That just may forestall worse violence later.

              Then again, maybe we don’t agree at all on this. I’m OK with that. You’ll always be Hot Loaf to me.

              1. Why else would a doctor ask?
                Exactly…we don’t know.
                But why would someone refuse to answer if there was a good reason for a doctor to ask if you owned a gun?
                Again…we don’t know.

                Is the fact that you’re a woman make it reasonable for a doctor to ask if your husband beats you? That should not, in my opinion, be the sole criteria for such a question.

                I think we probably agree more than disagree. (I don’t know, though. It’s an election year and that makes me generally disagreeable on just about everything.) But I’m just more critical of doctors and politicians…people I expect to promote reasonable and common sense resolutions to idiotic disputes instead of passing BS legislation and screaming “Free Speech!” every time someone challenges self-serving authority.

                1. I agree that “Free Speech!” is often misused. Wait. I’d just as soon disagree on that one, so we can continue arguing. And I interpret a domestic violence question differently than that. If I’m a woman, no, I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume my husband beats me, but if I come in with suspicious injuries, there are numbers that say that I, as a woman, am more likely to be a victim of domestic violence than is my husband. But then, that’s probably not what you’re saying. Never mind.

                  1. See! We really do agree more than disagree!
                    But if you want to argue…you know…It is, after all, what I do.

                2. Hmmm. Doctors always (maybe) ask if there’s been any breast cancer in my family — is that different?

                  1. Well…yeah.
                    Medical history is a legitimate concern. Doctors need to know that. I always have to fill out those types of forms when I see a new doctor.
                    I want them to know my medical history…family history etc.

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