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  1. I understand that there can be problems with things like maternity/paternity leave, particularly if it involves a key person in a small business.

    However, it seems that some other countries have figured out how to handle such things. If only those who buy into American exceptionalism would allow themselves to see the log in our own American eyes before criticizing other nations so much…..

    But the main point I wanted to make was to try to identify those who are most against things like maternity/paternity leave. By and large that seems to be the conservatives, the Republicans. You know, the people who claim to have a monopoly on “values,” the sanctity of marriage and family, faith, and all that. The same people who make “pro-life” a litmus test without even thinking about what that means. Like the fact that it is hypocrisy in the extreme to interpret “pro-life” as applying only to the fetus (the well-being of the mother be damned!) and only until the instant of birth after which the kid is totally on her/his own. Yeah, those Hyper-Christians.

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