If all Olympic photos were like women’s beach volleyball photos:

They would look like this.

I played volleyball — a lot — and I don’t understand why the uniforms are such a focus. Yes, they’re scanty (I don’t understand that, either), but Olympic male swimmers wear Speedos, after all, and you generally don’t see their body parts singled out and photographed separately by the press.

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  1. While watching the synchronized diving events, I opined that the Speedos seem to have gotten smaller. Others agreed.

    1. I like the women’s swimming onesies. I’d wear ’em, in fact, if I could swim like an Olympian.

  2. What uniform? If it was any skimpier it would disappear. The boys on my kids’ swim team were happy when the longer suits (uniforms) were finally available (no more speedos!). I was glad there was an alternative that was more comfortable. These women should have the same option.

  3. Because women’s bodies are sexualized in all images, and women are clearly sex objects first, athletes second, but the idea that men’s bodies are also sexy for some people makes the straight-white-male producers really uncomfortable?

    Oh, right, sexism is dead. Sorry! Forgot for a second. Clearly that’s just The Way It Is/Should Be. Quit oppressing everyone with your oppressive feminist oppression, Susan! You… oppressor!

  4. There is research to back up SisterCoyote’s point about the objectification of women. However, it seems both men and women do it, according to the research, although I certainly would agree that there is more (OK, MUCH more) of a sexual component when men do it.

    That said, I would disagree that women are sexualized in all images and always are sex objects. At the Olympics, for example, I’ve noticed some of that on occasion, but it doesn’t seem to be present (or at least I’m not seeing it) with the portrayal of female swimmers, gymnasts, runners, divers, rowers, etc. And UConn Women’s Basketball? Sure, they all are obviously young women in good shape, but what always comes across is not the femaleness, but a group of seriously athletic and skilled ass-kickers.

    Beach volleyball? OK, I’ll give you that one, but I don’t think it is present (or, again, maybe I’m just not noticing it) in regular volleyball.

    Now, about Susan the Oppressor…. hmmmm food for thought…..

  5. That is a beautiful midsection, if I had a body like that I’d wear a tiny suit too. The women can wear whatever they want, I’ve seen full length body suits, an bikinis. The press wants to gain an audience, and people like seeing these images. Go find a worthwhile cause to rail about.

    1. Bless your heart, I’ll go ahead and rail against this one, if you don’t mind — and even if you do mind. Edison, as a female, I grow weary of this means of getting attention. It demeans all of us, and just because people like seeing this image doesn’t make it a good idea.

      1. Silly, how could it be a worthwhile cause when it’s only about the sexualization of the (slight) majority of humans?

      2. Thats YOUR choice!! They have the right this year to wear long pants and sleeves, even head scarves!! They enjoy wearing the bikini’s because it makes their sport sexy…remember what that is sexy?? If it demeans you dont watch thats all

        1. They can wear whatever they want, true. But I am free to point out that it’s a really odd approach to women and sports. As I type this, I’m watching women play volleyball inside, and guess what? They’re dressed. And it’s a great game.

    1. You may be late to the discussion, but I hadn’t seen that link, so feel free to weigh in, any time. Thanks, StamfordNative.

    2. Cutting and pasting works…
      But HERE is how to add hyperlinks by name.
      Capitalization isn’t necessary but the spaces are. (That tutorial may be slightly out of date for other functions.)

    1. Then should I demand the men’s teams dress equally skimpily? Actually, I’m not looking for skin. I’m looking for some good digs and saves and slams over the net. And thanks for not looking for a fight. I love your name.

  6. I was irritated by the beach volleyball suits (the American ones, the others I saw were more suited to the sport) because they were SO DISTRACTING. All I could think about was how much that sand would hurt all shoved up in the ass crack like that. Not to mention how many times I had to watch those girls pick out their wedgies. It’s taking away from the sport and it kinda pisses me off. There are times when skimpy is practical. I grew up swimming competitively and those poor boys wore speedos because it was understood at the time that it was the best suit for the sport.
    I doubt there is any legitimate reason for barely-there swim bottoms in beach volleyball, I know my own delicate skin would prefer something like what the Aussies wore.
    If you don’t care about the inherent sexism involved in this, at least care about the sport!

    1. I am a former competitive (very) volleyball player, and, speaking for myself, I would not have wanted to spend one minute of the match digging my bottoms out of my bottom. Thank you. I’m here all week.

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