Day Two of Hillbilly Watch

Yesterday, it appears that some yahoo burned down the Islamic Society of Joplin’s mosque. I wrote this for Salon (yes, I’m linking to it again, but I have a point, I promise), and I couldn’t be more certain that if this was arson, someone out in HillbillyLand knows something about this, and that someone needs to start talking.

I have absolute faith that there’s one in every crowd — a deranged person for whom violence and vile act is always an option. And I have absolute faith in the crowd, the people surrounding that deranged person –vwho would burn down a mosque, who would shoot up a Sikh temple — knows that law enforcement needs their help to find the perpetrator.

Any one who plans a crime like this brags about it,  and someone heard that brag.

The FBI has 30 agents investigating the fire. If it’s determined that the fire wasn’t started on purpose by someone who meant to do  harm, then it’s a sad loss to the Muslim families who gathered out there on Black Cat Road, but it’s not a hate crime.

But given the previous fire in July, this looks and smells suspicious, and that means that someone somewhere is keeping important information from law enforcement — maybe out of a sense of loyalty, I don’t know.

But loyalty to a cause like this is not loyalty. It’s criminal. Unlike the July fire, the security cameras captured nothing. They were burned in the fire. So it’s going to take the crowd to do the work.

C’mon, hillbillies. You were the recipient of massive, worldwide help from all kinds of folks after the May ’11 tornado — including the United Arab Emirates, which bought every one of your high school students a laptop. That’s a Muslim-majority country, you know, and that’s just one example.

Do the right thing, hillbillies. Do it for the reward, if that’s a motivator, or do it because it’s what you learned in Sunday school. I don’t care about your motivation, just be both right and righteous. Drop a dime.

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  1. maybe if you stopped calling them ‘hillbillies’ – which is a term that itself is lowering – maybe someone will do the right thing as you’ve asked… now pass me the dang moonshine!

    1. I understand what you’re saying, but it takes a hillbilly to appreciate the term “hillbilly.” I’m sticking with it because it doesn’t hurt a bit.

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