How sad and weird and internet-y

At the risk of sharing proprietary information, this blog draws anywhere from 600 to 1,000 hits during the week, and significantly less than that on the weekend, when I don’t update it.

As I’m not selling ads, the numbers are more like a “How ’bout that,” but this weekend, I logged on to check for comments, and found that the day before, a Saturday, the blog had attracted four shy of 5,000 hits, and on Sunday, it did even better, with 5,895, and on Monday? Just a few less than that.

Things are pretty much back to normal, but do you know what drove those hits? This photo:

And this not terribly-well-written post (let’s be honest).

See, I forgot, in my mania to only write about stuff I care about, how very quickly the Interwebs will beat a path to your door if you show women-wearing-not-much. In my earlier incarnation, during the ’08 presidential race, all you had to do was mention “Sarah Palin,” and you could count on her supporters and her detractors commenting in equal numbers. (So that fake photo of the former Republican vice presidential candidate posed in a bathing suit and holding a rifle? Myst have cleaned up on blogs that ran it. I can’t remember that I did. If I did, I apologize. Did I mention it was fake?)

Anyway. As fabulous is the attention (not really), I’m glad we’re back to as normal as we’re going to get here at DJ Central. Phew!

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  1. I wonder if this current post (with the above photo included) will bring in a new round of hits.

    How does it work? Do people google “sexy women’s volleyball photos” or something like that, and this blog post shows up among the sources? I am ignorant about these things on the interwebs.

    1. They don’t generally use the word “sexy,” but just things like “women volleyball.” That brought them here. to Church Lady.

      1. Does Facebook play a role in hits on the blog? From the Not-Quite-Ready-For-Facebook Corner…I really have no idea.

        1. Quite a lot, on this blog, at least. I generally post at least one link a day to a blog post, and that drives traffic up, though not exceedingly so. I mean, no one from Blog Central is calling me with my big break or anything…And do it! Jump on into Facebook, so we can all stalk you!

  2. So does this mean you’re not going to post that Lochte speedo picture from the “Himbo” article I sent you?
    It might be interesting to compare hits.

    1. I am not, though it was a nice photo. The swimmer is getting more than his share of hits.

  3. …and another from the blog-ignorant….
    Can you tell if those hits were repeats or not?

    1. The thought of someone visiting that blog post repeatedly is a little…creepy, but in answer to your question, at least as much as I can read WordPress numbers, I can’t tell the repeats. That may just be my inability to read the stats, though.

      1. My Admin here tells me there is a way to filter out repeats by IP address, and blog stats usually do that by default…although she has no experience with WordPress…
        The lack of advertising may also change that default, apparently.

        1. I don’t make a study of the stats from WordPress, but I think, comparatively, they’re fairly routine and not-deep. Again, this is just my experience with them (love WordPress) and I haven’t delved deeply into the numbers.

          You have an Admin on staff?

          1. I wouldn’t say “staff.”
            We employ a home network environment…there’s 5 users…in order to control access to precious bandwidth…Admin works from home…and to control security. You can never be too careful with a Socialist in the house.
            She has papers in Network Administration and takes care of all the installations, upgrades, controls etc. etc…

              1. Random. I’ve never been called “random” before…but yeah…I guess I am.
                These folks rescued me from under a bridge…literally…about 5 years ago. They refuse to kick me to the curb, despite the sacrifices imposed by an uncaring society, while I continue in my quest to try and repair my situation.

                Atheists…go figure.

                As for pictures…we’ll see how the Facebook thing goes.

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