You have 47 bosses.

According to this Mother Jones report by Andy Kroll and Tasneem Raja, just 47 people give the bulk of money to those super-PACs that have so much sway over your world.

Do be sure to hit the link and learn more disheartening stuff.

And thanks, DickG., for the link.

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  1. Citizens Unitedis the single worst thing to happen to this country. Some one needs to hurry and challenge this in court and pray it gets overturned.

  2. I agree that Citizens United is a terrible thing. But it was a US Supreme Court decision, and there is no higher court.

    The same nine justices are on the Supreme Court today as were on the Court when it decided that case by a 5-4 margin. So unless one of the majority group changed his mind (they were all men), the Supreme Court would not even agree to take such a case.

    Practically speaking the only way to overturn that case is with a Constitutional amendment, or having such a case come up again in the far future when the makeup of the court is significantly different. I think the chances of either are very slim, particularly now that the incredibly small number of indescribably wealthy people in this country now have a clear go-ahead to solidify their ownership of and control over the federal and state governments.

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