Well? Would YOU go?

The Catholic bishop who sued the Obama administration over providing contraceptives to their clients has invited the President to dinner.

That has all the makings of some good table fellowship — or some really awkward silences.

The Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner could be interesting this year — though it’s not considered a religious event, but something more like a school board meeting, or a zoning board meeting with yuks thrown in. Republican hopeful Mitt Romney was invited, and he’s said yes. (That list of past speakers is certainly overwhelmingly white&male.)

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        1. I believe neither Romney nor Obama will be expected to kick in, so in that sense, it’s free — unless they feel moved to do so, I guess.

  1. That’s Cardinal Timmy. Don’t want to piss him off. He’s got more lawyers than Obama.
    I’m sure Obama will go. All theater has intermissions…even political theater.
    Not a religious event? For those folks getting up in the morning is a religious event. Every time Cardinal Timmy-Boy opens his mouth it’s a religious event. It’s a “ritual of American politics.” That makes it a religious event for Catholics, doesn’t it?

  2. Unfortunately, even if he goes, Obama, will not call BS on the pedophile enablers like Dolan. He and the rest of the pedophile enablers USCCB should really get their own house in order first

  3. It’s interesting that Romney is going, too, since the foundation was formed to honor a Democrat Governor who was a patron of the “little people”. That’s so not-Romney. Obama could have some fun with that one. Taking the mic (& free meal) and having a field day sounds like a great plan.

    1. That’s a good point. I’m all about reaching across the table, but…no, that’s a lie. I’m not all about reaching across the table, unless it’s to slap someone. Never mind.

        1. I’d like to amend my previous answer, and steal Rick’s. Since this is my blog and I can do what I want, I’m really only announcing something that’s already happened.

  4. Dolan is at odds over both sides of the aisle. The Democrats for obvious reasons — social immorality. Ryan and Dolan (2002-09) are both from Wisocnsin and Dolan’s objected to Ryan’s sense of social justice on several occassions most notably when Ryan tried to push an austerity budget down Dolan’s throat and called it Catholic Justice.

    Click to access dolanresponsetoryan5_18.pdf

    1. This is going to be an interesting race, now that Paul Ryan’s on the ticket. I’d read someone predict on Twitter that Mitt Romney’s choice would be Ryan, and I thought, “No way! Not with that budget!” Political punditry ain’t us, I guess.

      1. Is there really that much difference between Vampire Budgets and Zombie Economics?
        I know…perilously close to off-topic….

        I’m not sure…yet…about why Romney chose Ryan, but he did manage to upstage all the Harry Reid Hoopla over his tax returns.

  5. Or will Mitt now be able to ease back to moderation while Ryan takes up the extremist position?

      1. Very good. Yeah, kind of. But y’know, a little something for everybody. “Part of the Religious Right? Have we got a VP candidate for you!” and “One of those Massachusetts Mderates? Well then……….”

          1. So…the choices available from the ruling class boil down to: one uses lube. The other doesn’t.
            Either way…

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