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  1. Good commentary although I wish “mater” were “matter” and “anyways” were “anyway,” but that’s just quibbling.

    1. I do drive-by editing, myself. Just this weekend, I almost edited a for-sale sign out in front of a RI mansion. The price had been reduced to $2.3 million, and I was going to take away the decimal point and the million. Maybe this is a blog post aborning.

      1. Ha. That sounds like the joke and the song about the guy who runs away with his secretary, runs out of money, and calls and tells his wife to sell his expensive car and send him the cash. She sells it for $50.

  2. Anyway, I heard a radio story wherein a couple of guys travel around with black and white paint and edit / correct signage, especially in regard to the incorrect use of apostrophes.

  3. Of course the main point is that Obama-opponents took one sentence from his talk (I think it was “you didn’t build that”) and ran with it. Of course.

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