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  1. I’m all for moderation and tolerance and protecting Constitutional rights and all that, but I think the statement “The United States and its Western allies have been caught in the crossfire.” is a serious misrepresentation of the role our government and its allies play in the continuing sectarian violence “within Islam.”

    Long before 9/11, as far back as The Carter Doctrine, the United States exploited sectarian differences within Islam to further its imperial desires to control the flow of natural resources from the middle east, Persia, Africa and Asia to the West. Professor Harmon conveniently ignores any realistic assessment of why 9/11 happened…i.e. the continuing interference of The United States government in the affairs of sovereign Muslim nations.

    The United States is not caught in a crossfire. The United States causes the crossfire that has killed tens of thousands…if not millions, (we don’t count collateral damage anymore)…of innocent Muslims. We provide support and aid to Muslims we see as compatible with our imperial interests, and do everything we can to eliminate Muslims we see as counter to those interests. (See Syria)

    Burning mosques is not the answer. I agree with that. But perpetuating the lie that The United States is somehow just an innocent bystander, some sort of victim, in the sectarian violence within Islam just exacerbates the problem of racism here at home. It reinforces the idea that Muslims represent some sort of threat and legitimizes extremist views that lead to terrorist acts by white nationalists.

    Let’s stack up the bodies and see who is really the threat in all this.

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