How frequent an occurence is voter fraud?

Not all that much, according to this examination. How many people do you know who have been struck by lightning? Yeah. It’s about like that.

Here. Read this, too.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the way some folks get worked up over dead people on the role of registered voters and how that is proof of fraud. I mean, really. If you take any list of several thousand randomly selected people over the age of 18, and you keep that list for a few years, it is a sure bet that some of those folks are going to die. That is normal, not a sign of impending fraud, unless of course you are a paranoid and uneducated person, or a person looking for any excuse possible to remove eligible voters from the roles.

    Plus, I’m pretty sure that if a dead person showed up to vote, it would be rather obvious to most folks working at the polls that something was amiss.

    When are Republicans going to pass voter legislation of the kind they seem to want? You know, making voter eligibility be dependent on property ownership, income bracket (based on gross income, not tax rate because that might eliminate some rich people), religious affiliation and race?

  2. Well I’m sure glad those legislators are so worried about voter fraud — especially when it might be perpetrated by …. YOU know, THOSE people. Just another shiny red herring — or chicken! Look!

  3. There’s also the matter of absentee ballots. In some very poor Alabama counties, there are hundreds–maybe thousands–of absentee ballots submitted. Can all those people be traveling on Election Day?

  4. Voter-fraud story on Fresh Air right now (for CT listeners) and will be repeated at 10pm tonight — 90.5 or

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