Have a Coke and a…uh…

80 Percent of Public Schools Have Contracts With Coke or Pepsi, says Mother Jones.

Even if you don’t consider the other contents, check out how much sugar‘s in those drinks — which makes this kind of corporate double-speak, yes?


2 responses to “Have a Coke and a…uh…

  1. I like a lot of stuff that’s good for me. Alas, I like a lot of stuff that’s bad for me — read: sugar-stuffed. I’m not proud of this addiction.

    Many years ago one of my students mentioned giving her 6-month-old nephew Coke in his bottle. I was shocked — I mean a BABY? (Yes, Cynical, it happens, see above.) And she said “but he CRIES for it.” So at 6 months he was already hooked on caffeine and sugar. Sheesh.

  2. “Everything in moderation”, including moderation. Use common sense and enjoy some sugary treats in solid or liquid form every so often. Have the occastional pizza and pasta. Just not every daily in jumbo proportions.

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