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  1. I particularly liked how the letter writer stressed being upset about being lied to. All politicians lie, deceive, spin, and the like – both Dems and Repubs.

    But it seems to me that “making sh*t up out of whole cloth” is actually a requirement now for Republicans, who do it early, often, and without the slightest hint showing that they think they are doing anything wrong. On top of that is the fact that if they utter a lie, Fox will report it as news, giving it the appearance of credibility; I think the Repubs actually count on that..

  2. At 63, can we be sure she isn’t confusing the poor and middle class folks she writes about so eloquently with the characters from Little Women, Little House on the Prairie, Newsies, and Good Times? Can she guarantee me all or nearly all of these strugglers are actually pusing themselves each and every morning to get themselves up – and walk through the snow and ice -over the hills and through the meadows – to get to school on time to ring the school bell or be first in line for chemical dependency treatments?

    She is a little too flowery to be believed.

  3. Huh? I’m really not sure what you are getting at, HC. It’s very confusing.

    But to ask similar questions as you have…

    Can we be sure that you are not confusing Republican and Fox talking points, innuendo and spin for actual facts? Can we be sure that you are not confusing average, hard-working Americans (who are struggling – often unsuccessfully – to make ends meet) with Horatio Alger characters?

    Can you guarantee us that you are not merely a paid Tea Party (i.e., Koch brothers) plant whose job is to post to as many blogs as possible pushing the “conservative” agenda and the “conservative” version of “facts?”

    Your comments and undermining questions about Cherie Mortice are just a little too, well, “Swift-Boaty” and smacking of “do you still beat your husband?” kinds of comments; at least they seems so to me.

    I notice that you didn’t suggest that Ms. Mortice’s statements about Ryan lying were incorrect, Maybe you will now, but if so, please let us know the basis for such assertions.

    Welcome back, by the way.

  4. @ Dick – Thank you for the welcome back. My post merely implies I believe this lady writes with quite a flair, facts be damned. Her tone is quite assertive and rather myopic, seeming to have no respect for corporations and no negativity toward those she supports. Whenever someone uses the phrase “corporate greed” my eyes begin to roll.

    I can’t prove I am not a Koch Brothers operative, if there is such a thing. You will simply have to assume if I had a great job working on K Street, I would have far less time to blog. If you can tune me in to how to get a job which pays me to blog, left or right, please let me know. I can go either way, as they say.

    As an aside, I did send a resume to Koch Industries years ago to work in their Legal Department. I got rejected, but someone was nice enough to call me on the phone and pleasantly say, in so many words, you have to be kidding. The attorney actually offered to make himself available with career advice or other questions I may have. Not a bad fellow.

    I don’t really care if Ryan lied. He wouldn’t be the first to manipulate the facts. I would love to know how Harry Reid became a millionaire. I want to read more on Nancy Pelosi’s son’s real estate dealings in San Francisco where getting a downtown building permit is quite difficult for most people. I also feel Obama lied when he said “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it and nothing will change.” If he implements mandates or presents options which make employers drop coverage, I blame Obama not the employer.

    I didn’t know Ryan had lied. The short quick research I did points he lied about not accepting stimulus money and blamed Obama for a plant in his district which closed under Bush. I won’t lose sleep over this. He is being lied about as well as he lies, I have a feeling. One example which comes to mind is the convenient way opponents of his Medicare plan forget to say selection of an alternate private option is not required. If you want to you want to stay on the government plan, you can. You don’t have to switch. That is something people should know.

  5. ” Whenever someone uses the phrase “corporate greed” my eyes begin to roll.”

    Whenever somebody says that, I really question how much they know. I have done decades of work within and for corporations and other businesses both large and small. I have learned that almost all have been versions of Gordon Gekko. Greed is what they exist for, what they seek, and what they will do anything to squelch that opposes them.

    Are you going to tell us, HC, that corporations seek to further the common good? That they seek to further social harmony? That they seek to support the economy or the middle class? That they seek to do what is right and moral, but only what is within the laws and regulationsd that they constantly try to eliminate and reduce? That they care about the security of this nation above their own profits? Or that they care at all about anything other than increasing whatever it is that will increase senior management compensation and/or shareholder value?

    No, HC, you are not going to say such things, because you are too smart for that. You know those things are not true.

    You know that corporations and businesses seek to maximize profits, to give their shareholders and senior managements the largest dividends and bonuses possible. They don’t much care how they do it, either.

    Remember big tobacco and how all those tobacco CEOs stood up in a row in front of Congress and SWORE that smoking isn’t addictive, while every single smoker in America knew they were committing perjury? Did you ever smoke, HC? If so, got a comment on that?

    How about genetically modified foods now? How about Big Pharma pushing expensive drugs that aren’t even as effective as many older and very cheap ones?

    And you know that is NOT in the public good. You are too smart NOT to know.

    No, I’m not trying to put out some BS socialist screed. I’m merely saying that when you say that suggestions of “corporate greed” make your eyes roll I’m saying you are either are stupid (which I don’t think you are) or you are full of it (suggesting you are a paid conservative blogger).

    I’ll bring it back to this, HC. Concentrate on “corporate greed” and please explain how that doesn’t exist and how the way it is exercised isn’t extremely immoral.

    I really do value reasoned differences of opinion. But until you can begin to explain some of these things, HC, I’m afraid I’m going to have to consider you to be rather on the fringe.

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