Happy almost-birthday, Occupy movement

There’s something planned for the one-year anniversary.

So. Locally, what would you occupy?


4 responses to “Happy almost-birthday, Occupy movement

  1. I’m not an Occupier, I guess. But if I was, I would occupy the local Tea Party. They meet every Sunday at a restaurant down the valley and I would round up some of my fellow local natives and turn up to check their papers…just to see how many are really immigrants from Californicae.

  2. Do we know what happened to the young woman who was arrested and then fired for trying to peacefully get her stuff at the (former) Occupy-location on Broad Street?

  3. BTW, there’s a great music collection called “Occupy This Album” that helps support the movement — 78 songs on the CD version, 99 on the digital version, and it’s ultra-cheap this month — http://musicforoccupy.org/

    It’s got everyone from Paul Ryan’s favorite band-member Tom Morello to Patti Smith to Pete Seeger to Yo La Tengo to Lucinda Williams and beyond.

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