Hey! Tampa has a Romneyville!

And city officials aren’t going to kick them out, come the Republican National Convention.


5 responses to “Hey! Tampa has a Romneyville!

  1. Cheri Honkala, the founder of the Poor People’s Economic Rights Campaign, is the VP candidate on the Green Party ticket with Jill Stein.
    I don’t see anything about any action planned for Charlotte in September.

    The connection to Hoovervilles is kind of loose, though. For one thing, Romney isn’t President, (Hoover was), and isn’t responsible for any current policies. He represents the GOP, that’s true…but this economy is Obama’s baby. He’s the one in the Big Chair, almost four years into confronting a disemployment (Table 15/U6) reality around 15% with voodoo economics, impunity for criminal banksters like Goldman Sachs, and promissory rhetoric eerily similar to Prosperity is just around the corner.

    Also, Hoovervilles were built by poor people to live in, not by activists looking to provide “a haven for protesters looking for a place to sleep at night.” Hillsborough County has counted around 7,000 people on the streets or in shelters. If the PPERC is “a movement of the poor, homeless and unemployed from the bottom up, ” they should round up as many of those folks as they can find and move them into those tents. There’s a media event that would get some attention. And some poor folk would get some food and shelter for a few nights.

  2. Hey – another Jill Stein reference. She and I agree on science per the poll in another article. We can debate whether that is a good or bad thing.

    As for Romneyvilles. I hope the media shows lots of people blaming Mitt Romney for their current situation. If you complain too loudly, or if your claim is too far-fetched, your side loses credibility. So, go ahead and scream at the camera how Mitt Romney made you live there, It’s sort of like you will tolerate OWS until the property damage and hateful language begins. Then, when the trash builds up around McPherson Square and passers-by are flipped off for having the gaul to pass by, you stop caring what they have to say.

  3. Maybe they should call it “Unshackled Wall Street Willardville”.

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