In about 15 minutes, I’ll be on the radio

And you can listen here.

(Yes, I know. You may have other things going on, but just in case you were staring out your window, and looking for a way to keep yourself out of trouble…)

This is a new Interwebs effort at civil discourse, and I’m proud to be a guest. Now let’s just see if I can keep it civil. Call in! Heckle! Seriously! It’s a new show and Dan could use the support and if people don’t call in, it’ll just be me talking and no one wants that.

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    1. THAT’S too bad, IMHO. But then I don’t watch TV. Ever. Unless I’m in a hotel.

    1. That’s so weird, because on the computer I was using before the show, I could hear just fine, but Mr. DJ said he couldn’t hear anything, either. I’m not sure any of you missed anything, but sorry to give you a bum steer.

    1. Geez, now I’m wondering if I gave the wrong link. I promise I was listening to the show prior to my coming on it. Sorry, one and all, for whatever glitch got in the way.

  1. The link took me to the site with video, where I could see the host chatting, but heard nothing and saw no one else in the frame.

    1. I’m sure the error was mine, but can’t find a way to link to the show now. And I was really awesome (not really; I just like saying that).

  2. Darn it. I missed it. I will go with you being awesome because I have no evidence that you’ve ever not been awesome.

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