Rep. Akin and the magical uterus

If you haven’t been keeping up, Rep. Todd Akin (a U.S. rep running for U.S. Senate against incumbent Claire McCaskill in — yes — Missouri) went on television yesterday in St. Louis and, when asked whether he’d support abortions for a woman after a rape, said this:

It seems to me first of all from what I understand from doctors that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

I want to meet this magic uterus because from what I understand from doctors it can also predict the weather, and issue winning lottery numbers.

And then I want to ask dumb-as-a-box-of-hair Akin which doctors he canvassed for his information, so that I and all members of my family – nuclear and extended – can give them wide berth when we need medical care. Shut that whole thing down, indeed.

Understandably, the world cried foul, and later on Sunday Akin, a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology (and thanks Dan B., for the reminder), tried to explain himself, and said that he regretted “misspeaking,” which is not the same as an apology, or even an acknowledgement that something is far off kilter. It’s more like walking past a store window, throwing a rock through the window, going around the block, and then returning to say, “Hey! That window’s broken.” Akin was not specific as to whether he misspoke about the Fabulous Uterus, or the legitimate rape part. Because if there are legitimate rapes, does that mean there also are illegitimate ones? I’m confused. Maybe I should ask my uterus, which, according to Rep. Akin, has skills I never imagined.

And thanks, DickG. and Cynical, for the link.

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    1. I’m so sorry. The post showed up with weird coding, so I had to redo it. I am sorry the comment got eaten in the process.

          1. Weird Coding
            I’ve been called worse…just recently, too.

            And are we surprised? I mean really….

            1. So long as I was the person who just called you something worse than Weird Coding, I’m going to rest easier.

      1. Technology. Ya gotta love it. Or not. I opined that perhaps the good Representative had skipped biology because it went against his religion.

        1. And I had replied that we should all look warily to the future, when we can have generations of students who have skipped science class because they don’t believe in it. Only I said it prettier the second time.

  1. This must be the guy McCaskill bought commercials for when he was running in the GOP primary. I don’t know if the “box-of-rocks” strategy will help McCaskill, but it doesn’t help the GOP’s national image. It did manage to briefly upstage the Ryan/Romney headlines.

  2. This reminds me of a guy I worked with once who said he didn’t “allow” his wife to take tub baths or go swimming while she was pregnant because the baby would drown.

    I’m looking forward to the next McCaskill/Aiken poll.

    Given this: ,it will be interesting to see whether it will have an effect on the presidential numbers in Missouri which are pretty strong in Romney’s favor.

    I can imagine the ads already.

  3. My remarks on the topic regarding Mr. Roraback:

    Please!!!! Why doesn’t Mr. Rorabacks remark that killing based on gender is somehow a constitutional guarantee draw equal outrage from even the most liberal abortion supporters? Mr. Roraback has somehow found a well hidden part of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that legitimizes gender selection abortion. I guess anything is palatable once you allow yourself to prey on the weakest of society in the name of progress.

    Rape is a horrible crime committed against women by social monsters who also prey on the weak. The sheer number of woman who are sexually assaulted and never report what happened has always been shocking to me. It’s like a well hidden social secret. The horrible crime of rape does not legitimize the killing of an unborn child any more than a child of a murder or bank robber should be held responsible for the crimes of his or her parent. It’s just one of the ways abortion supports like to cloud the moral discussion.

    Aside from the outrage over Congressman Akin, has anyone looked at the facts? Pregnancies from rape are extremely rare due to many factors including the fact that physical and emotional trauma do reduced the chances of getting pregnant. Does this lessen the gravity of the crime or the empathy we should all have for the victims? – Of course not!

    All this is a smoke-screen to draw attention away from the horrible atrocities that people like Mr. Roraback allow to happen each and every day. And, once again, the “open minded” bullies in the media have blocked reality to promote their own social agenda, much as Adolf Hitler and his media machine did to hide the atrocities being committed by his regime.

    1. I disagree with much of what you say in your comment, particularly when you address gender selective abortion. Does it happen? We don’t have the numbers to prove that, as the ratio of male to female births has remained pretty constant for at least the last 20 years.

      We disagree about the viability issue of a fetus, and we probably won’t come to an agreement here, but I’m interested: I keep hearing that the incidence of pregnancy from rape is rare, but the latest study I can find comes from 1996 and I’d prefer something more recent. Do you have anything like that? (I also find it odd that this hasn’t been studied more, but that’s just me.)

    2. “…has anyone looked at the facts?”
      And where would those be found…exactly? I hear authorities being cited but no evidence is given that these authorities actually exist.
      How ’bout some help?

      1. ” Pregnancies from rape are extremely rare due to many factors including the fact that physical and emotional trauma do reduced the chances of getting pregnant. ”

        And yet……. and yet………….the Hartford NINE year old impregnatedby her loving “pastor”….. maybe her body didn’t know that it had a choice?

  4. Rep. Atkins statement wasn’t as silly as you might think. However, I do understand why you would see it that way.

    We all have a spiritual system that works in a way that science can’t explain. For instance, in the case of a “LEGITIMATE RAPE” there will be a spirit of intense fear and contempt toward the perpetrator at the time of sexual intercourse. This should “SHUT DOWN THE WHOLE THING” On the other hand, if the sex was consensual at the time of sexual intercourse, there will be a spirit of willingness associated with the sex, and this will allow the whole thing to work.

    There could be a thousand and one reasons why a woman would later cry rape. Maybe after the fact, the woman begins to resent the idea she allowed herself to be used, or possibly she just lied so her family wouldn’t think less of her.

    This should be obvious to anyone that has more than a casual relationship with Jesus. So if you’re only “Dating Jesus” maybe it’s time to take it to the next level.

    1. Here’s an idea, Gary: You worry about your relationship with Jesus, and I’ll worry about mine. That way, you won’t have to stay up nights, ‘k?

      And just for the record, I do not love people who use the phrase, “Cry rape.” It’s a loaded phrase, and that load is not wisdom or empathy.

    2. Gary…You remind me why I’m so happy I have absolutely no relationship with Jesus…casual or otherwise.
      Thanks for that.
      Have a nice day.

  5. Datingjesus? Or is it Disingenuous? Out of everything I wrote you keyed in on that one tiny phrase “Cry Rape”.

    So what you’re saying to me and the world is that the right way probably isn’t going to work for “ME”! That’s why you just toss out any sort of objective reasoning, then twist everything around so you can appear to be right. Because hey, if you can enough people to go along with what you’re saying then you become important to the ones responsible for this mess we’re in.

    You are putting yourself above the truth, above Jesus Christ, and you’re doing it for selfish reasons. If you took the time to read and understand what Jesus Christ was fighting against you would realize which side you are really on. You dropped the ball on this, but you’ll still find a whole bunch of people to agree with you. And there in lies the problem.

    So instead of calling your blog Dating Jesus, you should call it “Teasing Jesus” or “Taunting Jesus”.

    1. Gary, again: You let me worry about my relationship with Jesus, and you worry about yours. We’ll both sleep better at night. You are not — nor will you ever be — in the position of quality control on this.

      This doesn’t work for me, true. This doesn’t work, period, and not just for me. And thank you for giving me the responsibility for being in this mess we’re in. What “mess” and who’s “we?” Regardless, I’ve always wanted to be in a position of power, so thanks for that.

      Oh. One more thing: Whose truth? Your truth? Or Jesus’s? Could be a big difference there.

  6. Debatingjesus?
    You’re still doing it! I guess shovel wasn’t good enough so you went and got a backhoe to dig a deeper hole. As christians we are obligated to challenge the faith of other Christians by raising valid arguments and it should be a welcomed debate. If you were a true Christian you would know this.
    When you said;

    “You let me worry about my relationship with Jesus, and you worry about yours.”

    That’s not something a true Christian would say. And when you said;

    Whose truth? Your truth? Or Jesus’s? Could be a big difference there.

    You are just mucking up the water so now it seems as though there is no real truth. That helps enforce the doubt that is already there, and that’s what Satin is all about. So now faith is that much harder to come by. But at least you can appear to be right, and that’s what is important to you.

    Final Comment.

    1. Still doing what? Being kinder to you than she should be? Don’t pretend to speak for Jesus, Gary. You don’t know the Jesus I know.

  7. Susan, you don’t need anybody to come to your defense, because you do a rather fine job of it yourself. But from reading Gary’s comments I have a very strong suspicion he has NOT read “Dating Jesus” and thinks you are merely some untrained and uneducated spiritual dilettante who is a pretend Christian using that title merely for this blog.

    I’d love to see a “Bible Bowl” competition between you and Gary. If I recall correctly, you participated in many of those, and never lost. Regardless, though, in a match-up between you and Gary? My money would be on you, and I would definitely start counting my winnings before the event even began. Just sayin’.

    1. I would squash ol’ Gary like a bug on a windshield. But then, a Real Christian wouldn’t brag like that.

      1. Assuming for the moment that God exists (and I’m not suggesting that He does or doesn’t), He made you what you are, foibles and all, and loves you anyway. So, please don’t suggest that only perfect people can be Christians, because if everybody adopted that idea there would be NO Christians, now would there?

          1. Funny, but I was thinking the same thing, that Gary is immensely confident of the superiority of his Christianity. People like that scare me, because I’ve never run into any real religious gurus who don’t harbor at least some doubts or uncertainties.

            Anyway, I got curious, and following the link to Gary’s profile so kindly provided by leftover, I ran into Gary’s blog entitled “Victim’s Revenge.” There I learned something about Gary’s sense of humor and his views on politics, government in general, and young women (photos included).

            At the bottom of the blog page there is a link to older posts, and some of them are rather interesting. For one, Gary (who really liked Christine O’Donnell, by the way) says things like “When you think about how the Democrats do everything possible to destroy the Christian faith, it has to make you realize that there’s something enormous at stake here.” [Posted 11/7/10] Wow. That was from a posting entitled “Christians in a box.”

            OK, I’m going to stop wasting my time now.

            1. What IS it about religion that makes (some) people think that theirs makes them better than everyone else?

  8. I’m sure I’ve read a study that came to the opposite conclusion, that rapes result in a higher rate of pregnancy because the physical assault causes the ovaries to release an egg prematurely and the fallopian tubes to move that egg into the uterus faster. Yes, I’m absolutely certain of it.

  9. Rape victims become pregnant at a higher rate than women having consensual sex. Read about it here, here, here, and… well, you get the picture.

    What’s with these people making up crap all the time? I know exactly where they pull it out from, but this being a family kinda forum, I’ll leave out the details.

  10. It turns out that Todd Akin’s views about how “legitimate rape” acts as a contraceptive are not unique to him. Rather, that bit of medically incorrect wishful thinking has been a Republican, “pro-birth” and woman-hater talking point for a long time.

    Notice I didn’t say pro-life, because actual pro-lifers would care about the already born, too.

    Akin said “…from what I understand from doctors…..” I bet that he would be unable to name even one of those doctors who think that rape is a contraceptive.

  11. In the pre-YouTube early ’80s a group of Greenwich Village songwriters got together and formed the Co-op, later named the Fast Folk Musical Magazine. Subscribers got an LP and a book of lyrics and the occasional editorial or interview. Carole Rose Livingston’s song, I’m A Friend of The Foetus, was included in the May ’83 edition:

    Refrain: I’m a friend of the fetus!
    A friend of incomparable worth!
    I’m a friend of the fetus!
    Right up to the moment of birth!

    I am no friend to the fathers and mothers,
    And I am no friend to the sisters and brothers,
    And I am no friend to the poor and oppressed,
    And I am no friend to the weak and distressed.

    Repeat Refrain

    Once it’s a baby, I will not go near it.
    I will not feed it, no I will not rear it.
    And when it is crying, I won’t even hear it,
    For I have no room in my heart for a human.

    Repeat Refrain

    I will not care for it, I won’t be there for it.
    I will not weep for it, I won’t lose sleep for it.
    I’ll back away from it, I won’t go gray from it.
    I won’t even pray for it, and I won’t pay for it.

    But I’m a friend of the foetus!
    A friend of incomparable worth!
    Yes, I’m a friend of the foetus,
    Right up to the moment of birth,
    When it needs friends (wail),
    Right up to the moment of birth.

    1. And just think, the song’s 30 years old. My my we’ve come a long …. oh wait, no, we haven’t.

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