You can — if you want — pray for the political conventions.

The Republican National Convention was supposed to start today in Tampa, but events were canceled because of Hurricane Isaac, which is, as of this writing, threatening Louisiana and Mississippi.

The Democratic National Convention starts Sept. 6 in Charlotte, N.C.

Here’s a self-proclaimed bipartisan website that is “building a non-partisan, non-political house of prayer for the upcoming Presidential Conventions of 2012.” I’m already signed up for my 15 minutes — tomorrow, at 7 a.m.

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  1. I’m a little confused…SURPRISE!
    But how can praying for politicians be non-political?
    “..the One upon whose shoulders rests all government, the Lord Jesus.” And how can prayers exclusive to the Christian God be non-partisan? Excluding the other two major religious groups, and everyone else for that matter, is characteristic of one particular partisan group.
    And considering the statement “upon whose shoulders rests all government”…isn’t that our job? Isn’t that what The Constitution is all about?

    I’ve encountered a few Christians that might be described as nonpolitical. I’ve never encountered one that could be described as nonpartisan.

    1. You don’t believe in miracles, do you? I’m kidding. I’m praying for everyone not to be stupid. I like to set the bar high. I think it’s impossible to pretend to be apolitical, for most of us.

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