Praying for the President at the RNC

The Rev. Russell J. Levenson Jr. of Houston recited the following prayer at the Republican National Convention earlier this week:

Almighty God, Father of the whole human family, we thank you and ask your blessing as we gather for this uniquely American moment. We thank Governor Scott and the good people of Florida who have opened their arms of hospitality to welcome those gathering here into their midst.

Lord, you who give life and health and safety, we pray for those already affected by the hurricane and for those in its path. Keep them safe, Lord. Deliver them and provide for their every need and bless those who assist them during this time of trial.

We also remember this day one of our great American heroes, Neil Armstrong, who captured the American spirit. As he reminded us, Americans have always reached for the stars, inspiring all humankind to do what others deemed impossible.

We thank you for guiding our nation’s founders who secured the inalienable rights that you bestow upon us: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We ask you to guide and direct with your wisdom our president, Congress, and the courts.

May America continue to be a light and to all of the nations, enabling those who will lead us to make dreams, hopes, and aspirations of all Americans into realities, and to make the American ideal a certainty — not just for some, but for all.

And finally, by your mercy, may we never forget that the freedoms that we have been won by the blood and the sacrifice of our patriots; always remember that our industry and innovation have been forged with the sweat and toil of American men and women; always believe that houses of worship and places of service are born of the fruit of your inspiration and the desire to honor and serve others; and may we never forget that we are at our best when we know in our hearts that we are not just one nation but one nation under God. In the name of our Lord I pray. Amen.

Considering how hateful political speech can get, I thought this was pretty cool. And thanks, Bro. Jay, for the link.

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  1. You know…the only time Neil Armstrong ever discussed religion was when he wrote “Deist” in the blank about religious affiliation on his scoutmaster application. But I suppose that makes him an “all-purpose” kind of hero.

    And what is this “American ideal” that needs to be imposed on everybody? Who…exactly…defines that? I wonder because I find it just a little odd to see an Episcopal snuggling up to Teapublicans. The Reverend is sounding more like a Huckabee Teavangelical.

    But by all means, Reverend, keep praying for the American people. You never know, one of these times it just might work. Me? I’ll pray to Joe Pesci.

    1. Cardinal Timmy knows either way Catholics still win.
      What I find rather odd is the lack of any official blessings from the Mormon Church. I know Romney is a bishop or something but when it comes time for invocations, I think, allowing a representative of the candidate’s religion to call upon the Deity would be the polite thing to do. You know…just to let the Deity see there were no hard feelings…just in case that Mormon thing about stratification of the Heavens turned out to be true.

  2. Leftover, we do have extreme conservatives in the Episcopal Church. Extreme Liberals, too. And everything in between.

    As is often said–we have a big tent. Sometimes this causes problems.

    As for the lack of Mormon praying, I think RMoney is deliberately down-playing this aspect of his life.

    This morning I caught a glimpse of the candidate’s family (or was it the candidates’ families?) pouring out from the wings and running all over the stage. Lordy, lordy! All those tax deductions!

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