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  1. They HELPED build it. I know liberals would want to note they didn’t do it themselves. They had help. We all helped build it. They didn’t work harder than anybody else. Lots of people work hard. They aren’t smarter than anyone else. There are lots of smart people. Right?

    1. Just when we take your name out of the 24-7 All Girls’ Prayer and Meditation Circle, you talk yourself right back in.

  2. I guess I see the attempted point, HC Here, but your analogy falls pretty flat. Are you suggesting that small businesspeople were mad that slaves got all the work???

    1. It is not a secret that slaves were used in the construction of the President’s mansion If that is not known to someone, it should be told. My point is to show that applying the whole “You didn’t build it yourself” et al would probably be insulting to someone wishing to assert the significant contribution of slave labor in construction of the building, as it minimizes their effort. In that same fashion, the inartful slap at small businesspeople denigrates the efforts they put forth.

      1. “…the inartful slap at small businesspeople denigrates the efforts they put forth.”

        Really? Well, if one looks only at the one sentence that Fox and the Republicans keep pulling out of context and pushing, sure. But they NEVER quote the entire context, do they?

        No, they don’t. Because if they did it would be clear the meaning really was something entirely different. What they are doing is called misleading (or hoodwinking, or defrauding, or tricking, or lying if you want to be blunt about it) by selecting certain facts and withholding others. Maybe that is why the oath for witnesses is to tell the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth.

        If you look at the context around that single sentence its meaning is entirely different. In context it was a simple reminder that those who think their success is solely and entirely a consequence of their own work, brilliance and wonderfulness are forgetting the contribution of others, and that the contributions of others deserve at least a little attention, too. There are people, lots of them, who do have that inflated view of themselves.

        It was a reminder that there almost always is more to it and that others contributed to that success, too. There is the infrastructure that others paid for, the public services (police, fire, water, sewer, utilities, etc.) that others pay for and support, the education of workers that others paid for, the breaks (often pure luck) the successful person caught along the way, the “eureka moment” the successful person had because of something some teacher or mentor said…. that sort of thing. That does NOT take away from what the successful person did, but it does point out that in most cases they could not have been successful (or as successful) but for some things provided or paid for by others.

        It was NOT a denigration of anything the successful person brought to their success, and any person who pays attention to the facts in context would know that.

        HC, other than repeating one sentence out of context, what do you have to support your contention that there was a “slap” at small businesspeople, or a “denigration of the efforts they put forth?”

        1. I have previously read several paragraphs of the speech within which the infamous statements were made. The speech has been posted in several newspapers. Obama’s words simply leave an impression with people. It seemed that he went off on a tagent when he went into a southern drawl with heightened voice inflection saying they didn’t build it. The shift in his tone elevated that phrase to special review. His denigration of small businesspeople was the one occasion in the speech he became animated. Maybe this was the one thing he truly agreed with.

          I found the other sentences he spoke that small business people don’t work harder than other people and they aren’t smarter than other people to be more insulting. While they may be true, I haven’t heard him tell Justice Sotomayor or the Olympians that there are other people just as smart and industrious out there.

          It was simply an awkward thing of him to say. In this day and age, where Mitt Romney was said to like firing people and that he didn’t care about the poor, inept statements are fair game.

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