Meanwhile, in Florida, which is now celebrating marriage equality:

mariageThe Archdiocese of Miami issued a letter warning its employees to remember that Catholic Jesus is watching and…well, let’s quote the letter, which quotes the employee handbook that:

“certain conduct, inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church, could lead to disciplinary action, including termination, even if occurs outside the the normal working day.” It goes on to insist that “employees should exercise discretion when posting on social media sites.”

Florida began recognizing marriage equality earlier this week. That means 70 percent of the country now lives in states (there are 36 of them, Connecticut proudly included) that recognize same-sex marriage.

Of course, Florida isn’t going down without a fight. About a dozen (this says 14) of Florida’s 67 counties have gotten out of the marriage business altogether. Because that’s going to stem the tide, isn’t it?

C’mon, Florida. The water’s fine. Connecticut has recognized marriage equality since 2008, when our state Supreme Court did what our legislators weren’t able to do, and all the dire predictions about the sky falling and the gays taking over simply didn’t happen. None of it. So get over yourselves, back off, and let justice flow.

And thanks, Jac, for the links.

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  1. It’s hard to imagine why they think it’s ok to use threat of job loss against anyone who dares to have an open mind and accepting heart toward same sex couples. It is outrageous that they threaten those who wish to abide by civil law on this topic. Is belief not an individual’s choice? Threats are usually used when one is losing control. It leads me to believe they are operating out of a place of fear (fear of losing control), rather than out of a place of love.

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