Get the iCondemn app!

iCondemn-Screen-3-528x1024Now in development, the world’s first Muslim denunciation app, iCondem, where Muslims can, with the touch of a button, condemn any atrocity anywhere that they as a group may be “loosely, indirectly responsible for, probably.”

Now Muslims, who are held responsible for the oddest of things, can say “Not In My Name” over and over again.

This may be my favorite satire of the entire week.


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  1. Can we get a similar app for transgressions by so-called “Christians” ? Huh? Please? Oh, that would be so nice.

    Plus, we could correlate the results of that app with the WWJD kinds of things that Pope Francis says (which are a whole lot similar to what JJWD than most “Christians” would do).

    Sorry, most “Christians,” but you suck. Yet you are not ashamed? Amazing!

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