Commodify your dissent, and your grief, too.

089362-4ff8e610-9bb7-11e4-81ce-e99ffe7ba54eNothing says “I care” like a fashion trademark, so we shouldn’t be surprised that an Australian fashion designer has filed to trademark the phrases “Charlie Hebdo” and “Je Suis Charlie.” The latter phrase became an unlicensed trademark show of support after terrorists attacked…well, you know the story. Never mind marches and vigils. Perhaps soon, the world can come together with commemorative t-shirts, handbags, and kicky scarves, amirite?

When contacted by a newspaper, the fashion designer, Greta Grossberg, of Fastlink, seemed surprised that any one would be offended. She said:

“To me it seems conceivable, not inconceivable. There is tremendous power invested in those phrases.”

Ms Grossberg said she liked to think she was “a bit entrepreneurial”, while declining to say how she may profit from the trademark.

That’s it. It’s not offensive. It’s entrepreneurial. And this isn’t the first time  the world has seen that kind of entrepreneurial spirit rise up from the ashes, either.

And thanks, Ruth, for the link.

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    1. It is a beautiful system because it has rewarded me greatly, so shut up.

      (Did you ever read “The Baffler” out of Chicago?)

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