Did you see the State of the Union address last night?

rtr_barack_obama_sotu_jc_150120_16x9_992You can read the text here. He only went off script a couple of times, once when there was applause when he said he had no more campaigns to run. He responded to the light applause by saying “I know because I won both of them,” or something like that. Touche, Mr. President.

Feel free to comment on what you heard, or what you wish you’d heard.

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    1. Ah, too bad. I liked elements of his speech, including, in no particular order, equal pay, community college, immigration, and I can’t remember the other one.

  1. After watching the speech, I’ve decided I have a cynical mind and a naive heart. Peace, Anne B

  2. I liked almost everything he said. I say “almost” because I missed part of it when I had to take the dog out. Just about everything sounds like common sense, and to see Boehner sitting there refusing to show any sign of support in most cases is discouraging. (name-calling word of your choice here) The only area I question is free Community College. In theory, helping kids have access to college sounds good. However, the details are important. Access to the highest paying jobs often require a Bachelor’s Degree, and Community Colleges are Associate Degree schools. That may not be enough. And, I’d like to see more emphasis on bringing up underperforming K-12 schools to better prep kids for higher ed. I suppose you can’t ask for too much, but these kids are our future.

    I believe the reason Ms Ernst did not respond to the President’s speech was, there was not much not to like. Criticism on anything specifically addressed in the speech would surely alienate potential voters.

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