You have have my head, if you don’t take my neck

imagesOr: Why You Can’t Win An Argument On the Internet And Shouldn’t Even Try.

And thanks, Mike the Heathen, for the link. Here’s more on the Norse god, Loki. (And that image to the right? Is from a comic book.)

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  1. When the goal is to win or lose, I agree. If the goal is to inform, question orthodoxy, or expose misinformation and falsehood…or just piss people off…winning or losing ceases to become an issue.

    I’ve spent years on the internet just pissing people off…among other things…hopefully…and I’ve been, as you know, fairly successful. I do not, however, consider it any kind of victory.

    Winning in a comment box, to me, means remembering to include the proper switches in the html links I employ.

    1. I’ve have my share of arguments online. Only a handful have been really fun and/or satisfying. Isn’t that sad?

      1. It depends on your expectations, I suppose.
        But you’re a teacher and an activist and…yes…a scholar. You inspire people everyday. Nothing to be sad about there.
        Comment boxes are…you know…just comment boxes. You make people think. That’s a win in my book.

        1. Do I owe you money? Because people who talk nice about me to my face generally are waiting for me to pay them back or something. But thank you. That makes my day.

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