Not the most important thing you’ll read today, by a long shot

photo(6)I live roughly 45 minutes from my various jobs. I live an hour and 15 minutes from the grandbabies. I am in my car a lot, and the backseat and trunk reflect that. I have all sorts of items strewn about the car in case of emergency. You never know when you’ll need new lipstick, or a shovel.

That means that getting from car to house is never an easy thing. I always have stuff to carry, in part because I like to rotate the stuff in the car with the stuff in the house. If this makes me sound a little weird, so be it. The car isn’t packed but I never come into the house carrying just one thing. I have bags. I have a briefcase, of sorts. I often have grocery sacks, and the stray key.

(But the shovel stays in the car, just so you know.)

Last night, I had three grocery bags, a drugstore bag, two briefcases, two sets of keys, and a $10 bill that was change from one of my stops. I made it inside with everything but half of the $10. I don’t remember ripping it. I do remember stuffing it into a pocket instead of my wallet. I went back outside to search in the frigid cold for the other half, but the wind was blowing and I assume some neighbor is going to find a half of a $10 bill in his or her yard tomorrow.

You’re welcome, neighbor!

All that to say this: Do you think I can take this half to the bank and get a fresh, full one? I’m going to try. And wouldn’t it be cool if my neighbor could take his/her half to the bank, and get a fresh full one, too? And am I the first person to think of this, and is it legal? Or do I need to beat my neighbor to the bank?

UPDATE: The nice teller said I would need the other half in order to spend my $10. So much for my get-rich-quick-and-help-a-neighbor-out scheme.

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  1. I happened to have a 10 in my purse . I don’t think your portion is “clearly” more than half the bill, which is the standard that prevents two people from doing what you describe. Sorry.

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