Will God watch the Super Bowl?

102108Here’s a rather…odd…discussion going on right now on the interwebs: Does God Care About Football?

The answer is a qualified “Maybe, because we say so.” The connection between religion and sports in general goes back to Greek times, according to this essay at Interrupt. Writes Beatrice Tsakoumakis:

The ancient Olympic Games not only marked the introduction of competitive sports in the world, but also initiated the association of sport with the gods, a relationship that is still important today.

Indeed. You don’t have to watch football for long before someone exults in the end zone with an upraised finger (the pointy one) and a kiss to the lips to the heavens. Who can forget Tim Tebow’s proselytizing via his eye-black? Super-fans have been known to pray for their team (but some religious scholars say don’t bother).

(For the agnostic for whom all this is just a buncha hooey, be aware that God’s getting a little shout-out via the ads, as well. Glory!)

(And, just in case you’re worried about godlessness on the part of the Patriots, please enjoy this “I’m Spartacus” video in relation to New England’s team.)

And thanks, Leftover, for the links.

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  1. If there was a God, and He liked football, CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) would not be an issue.

  2. Or would it?

    “Hey Mr. Dinosaur
    You really couldn’t ask for more
    You were God’s favorite creature
    But you didn’t have a future”
    – The Police (‘Walking in Your Footsteps’)

  3. I’ll go with, God is in those who play football, those who watch football, and those who don’t. God cares as we care, loves as we love. So, as love is expressed before, during and after a football game, God shows up in some form. Will God “watch” the Superbowl? Not any more than God watches erosion occur over centuries, is what I think. I don’t think God “watches” anything.

    1. God made sure my hair was quite fetching today. Unfortunately, no one was there to admire me.

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