You’re right, Todd Starnes. You are no theologian.

Fox News & Commentary talking head Todd Starnes has rewritten the Bible, and Jesus’ message.

Here’s a petition to remove Mr. Starnes from his post. And here’s a bit more about the faith of the American sniper on which the much-discussed movie is based, Chris Kyle. Fascinating stuff, yes? Would Jesus bless a sniper?

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  1. Is this something new for FOXNews punditry? “I’m not a theologian, but….”? I don’t watch FOXNews.
    Invoking Jesus to incite violence is certainly nothing new. Muslims know this. As did the Cathars. As did George Tiller. Maybe a few more names should be added to that petition. And what about Free Speech®? Isn’t this what the Charlie Hebdo martyrs died to protect?

    Is Michael Moore a theologian? Maybe he could explain Matthew 10:34 between trading jabs at the other bandwagon.

    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    Would Jesus bless a sniper?
    Why would he not, if said sniper was righteous in The Faith? (Matthew 8:5-13)

    1. I would imagine Jesus would bless any one, but I don’t know that Jesus would support killing. I know this is nothing new. I just felt like sharing. As for the Charlie Hebdo “martyrs,” I’ve been reading how that kind of label would have really pissed them off, as would the large outpouring/funerals. Interesting, the roles we are given after our demise, but that’s another topic entirely.

      1. Some people cite the Parable of the Tenants (Matthew 21:33-41) as His acceptance of the Old Testament “just war” reasoning.

        I don’t remember Jesus ever condemning soldiers specifically. I don’t remember Him specifically condemning killing in wars.
        He instructed His disciples to buy weapons and arm themselves. (
        He never instructed Peter to discard his sword after cutting off someone’s ear. Just to sheath it. (John 18:11)
        Jesus seems pretty resigned to the fact that wars will continue to be part of our existence until He decides to change all that. (Matthew 24:6-7)

        There’s that whole 6th Commandment debate. Jesus seems to come down on the side of “Thou shalt not murder“. (“>Matthew 5:21-22)…and a little Free Speech® regulation as well.

        Jesus is a bit of an enigma on this issue. He tells us to love one another, but does he ever specifically tell us to stop making war?

        Following Charlie Hebdo’s lead, I’m not going to be concerned with whether or not they would be offended by my characterization. I got me my Free Speech® and nobody can take it away.

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