Prayers to UNC

While the motive for their murders is being parsed, three Muslim students at University of North Carolina are being mourned by their family, including a friend of mine, nearby Duke University director of Muslim affairs Imam Abdullah Antepli. He posted this on Facebook, from the brother of one of the slained students:


As Abdullah says: The strength of this man is incredible. Prayers to all.

A neighbor has been charged with their murders. And below is a photo for a UNC vigil last night.


UPDATE: From Carole C. Fay:

Dear Friends,
All of us are deeply saddened by the killing of 3 young Muslim-American adults in Chapel Hill, NC on Tuesday:  Deah Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and her sister Razan Abu-Salha.
Tomorrow (Friday, February 13) at the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford, CT — Berlin Mosque — the Friday Jummu’ah prayers will be held at 1:00pm as usual, followed by a special memorial service at approximately 1:45pm.  Janazah (funeral) prayers will be said for these 3 young people.
Please come and join our Muslim friends, as we all together grieve this loss and pledge ourselves even more deeply to the solid friendship that binds us.
If anyone needs directions to the Berlin Mosque or would like to be part of a carpool, please e-mail me.
There are also plans for an interfaith vigil at the State Capitol on Monday, February 16th.  When those details are confirmed, I’ll send them out.
As-salamu alaykum  / peace and all good, and courage,

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  1. Still holding my breath waiting for the Pope, the Presiding Bishop of the ECUSA, and a variety of heads of non-denominational white evangelical churches to denounce the white Christian terrorist.

  2. Well…can’t blame Christians for this one, apparently.
    Atheists with guns. Now there’s a minority.
    Check his computer. See if he’s been channeling any Bill Maher lately.

    1. It’s interesting that people (officials) are being verrry careful before labeling this a hate crime.

        1. Nard??? Where did that come from? The Himalayas, of course.
          I meant hard. And yes…nard is actually a word

            1. It would appear so…euw…
              It’s also in the OED on my desktop as…
              A himalayan spikenard…a plant–
              a Persian board game…نرد–
              a nickname for Oxnard, CA–
              the name of a record album by jazz keyboardist Bernard White–
              a village in Croatia–
              an expensive perfume used in biblical times–
              Nard Jones is an American novelist.
              Nard Ndoka is the health minister in Albania.
              Which is why it wasn’t flagged.
              I need a new eyeball. The one I got left isn’t going well at all.

              1. I learn so much on this blog! I shall seek to use the word, “nard”, appropriately in a sentence today, by urban definition or otherwise. ;-)

  3. This is so sad. My deepest sympathies to the family. Something has to be done to stop hateful, hotheads from owning guns. I don’t know what that would be in the form of policies & law, but something has to be done. Too many people are losing their lives by firearms in the hands of people who don’t value life – who don’t believe “All lives matter”.

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