We now offer up prayers for Judge Roy Moore of Alabama

set-5a-color-roy-moore-chief-justice-14825913jpg-df54fe1459ae944bJudge Moore comes to the mercy seat — again — bearing the sin of arrogance, for which he should be delivered. Oh, Lord, we pray that Judge Moore — one of your own children — sees the error of his way in believing he knows the definition of “organic law.”

We pray that Judge Moore understand the beauty of your creation — gay, straight, bi, on any part of the orientation continuum, and that should Judge Moore pass from this world to go to his home in glory, that he not be too surprised to find that you have accepted into your bosom a goodly number of people from all sides of the pew.

Amen. And thanks, Jac, for the link.

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Just another one of God's children.

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