How are you doing on Reverse Lent?

A few days ago, I stole an idea from someone I really like to have something different for Lent — at least, different from the way I think of Lent (when I ever think of Lent).

Instead of giving up something, I’ve made a commitment to do a good deed every day, much like the old groaner of a hymn above. And you know what? I’m happy. The weird thing is, I haven’t just been the giver. I’ve been the recipient of some really beautiful moments or kindnesses during this Lent.

Of course, the true beauty would be if I just did nice things and didn’t yammer on about them, but oh well.

If you’re having a Reverse Lent, how’s it going?

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  1. So far so good. Some days, the thing I do is stubtle on the outside, but done with love on the inside. Other days, the thing I do is more obvious on the outside (e.g. sending a care package to brother & family today to remind them of our fun weekend together). One thing ended up being multiplied by those I was with. It wasn’t just my thought to give. I just coordinated the group to all give (handed money out to the kids) and the recipient (a homeless man) was thrilled when all of us formed a line to give to him. He couldn’t believe it and wished us all well. My son remembered it fondly yesterday at dinner.

    If there is something anyone did, or thought of, that could give another one of us an idea, then I think sharing would be helpful. Don’t think of it as yammering or seeking praise. Think of it as good deed brainstorming!

    1. I keep coming back to people who are trapped inside, as well as people who don’t have an inside to be trapped in. I have an old neighbor-lady down the street who appreciates my husband’s cooking (no one would line up for mine). I think the fact that a man who was homeless had someone standing in line for him is just awesome.

        1. I was thinking as I typed that that that requires knowing your neighbors. If you don’t, there’s always long-term care facilities who could use a visit. I used to do that years ago, just wander into a facility and make a friend (I think I felt in need of a grandmother at that point, but I’m too old for a grandma now, I guess). I don’t know what security would do to you now if you just walked through the door. I just figure everyone’s in need of a conversation and I can, if I get a running start, shut up and listen occasionally. Just A Thought (JAT), Jac.

          1. JAT – Good thought! I do know of an affordable assisted living facility that maybe I could visit. I haven’t been there in awhile, so I’m due for a visit. Thanks for the suggestion!

        1. I’m only doing nice things to earn my way into heaven. I admire people who do nice things just because. You’re awesome, too.

        2. You are. I’m doing nice things because it’s fun. I wonder if I’ll run out of ideas though. 40 days is a long time. Any suggestions welcome.

          1. Just don’t let the notion of repetition bother you.
            Every act of kindness creates love. Love Saves. That’s the message. Isn’t it?
            No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

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