We take a moment to say “Atta-way, FCC,” but mostly: Thank you, John Oliver.

For a government entity that gets more bad press than good, it’s time to take a moment to congratulate the commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission on their Thursday vote for net neutrality. The vote was close (3-2), but it did pass. Now if we all can just keep an eye on things so that the powerful lobbies organized against this don’t ever hold sway.

For that vote that came after massive public comment that even crashed the FCC’s website, we can mostly thank John Oliver and his efforts to alert the complacent (see above).

Not sure what all this means? Watch this:

But mostly? Thank you, John Oliver, who got the actual conversation going. Bless you, Bro. John. Glory!

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  1. I think Title II classification is a good start. And I think recognition of public input is a good sign.
    But I’ll withhold my celebration until I peruse the details…and until court challenges and industry responses are heard.

    Money changes everything. Big Money…like Verizon and AT&T…aren’t done yet. The fight to protect current access and upgrade it in rural areas is far from over.

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