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fergusonRight here.

Sadly — and I can’t find the clip online — someone asked a Ferguson resident for his reaction, and he said it was old news. People who live in Ferguson already know just how awful is their police department when it comes to profiling and worse.

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  1. The USAG issued two reports. The one justifying why no federal charges would be filed against Wilson…that you link to.
    And the USAG investigation into the Ferguson Police Department found here.

    [T]he Ferguson Police Department and the city’s municipal court engaged in a “pattern and practice” of discrimination against African-Americans, targeting them disproportionately for traffic stops, use of force, and jail sentences.

    1. That’s true. And that, too, was like a fish describing what it’s like to live in water. They weren’t going to prosecute. BIG surprise.

      1. What I’m wondering is whether a “pattern of discrimination” would open the door to a civil rights lawsuit against the Ferguson PD.

        1. Great question. What would keep that from happening, do you think? Because I’m not reading anything like that (though I probably missed a few Ferguson articles).

          1. It seems to me that the first barrier to overcome would be the USAG declining to press any criminal charges against Wilson. However, the Civil Right Division finding of a “pattern of discrimination,” particularly one that included the use of force, might hint at a civil remedy.

            The Brown family and their legal counsel must agree, because they announced just a few hours ago their intent to file a civil suit. Where they plan to file and the specifics of the complaint have yet to be released.

            I hope they have good legal counsel. They’re going to need it. Among other things.

  2. Colin Gordon, who has studied and written about the St. Louis area, weighs in with another history lesson here.
    “How Racism Became Policy in Ferguson”

  3. I’m not sure the Ferguson PD has thought this through. If you jail or impoverish most of your citizens, where exactly is the money to pay you going to come from? Or, if the ultimate goal is to drive the black and brown people out so that the white people can move back in, where’s that money going to come from? I can say from recent experience that moving costs money, even when you have a job to go to at the other end. Unless, of course, you just pack a bag and leave everything else behind. But, again back to the first point, what happens to the Ferguson PD if there’s no more Ferguson?

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