You’re under no obligation to watch this, but…

Four_freedoms…I learned something at this panel. I learned several things, in fact, at this Four Freedoms panel at Hartford Public Library last week.

The panelists were:

  • Dr. Saud Anwar, co-chair of the American Muslim Peace Initiative and mayor of South Windsor
  • Chris Allen-Doucot, co-founder of the Hartford Catholic Worker and an adjunct professor at Central Connecticut State University
  • Dr. Reza Mansoor, founding president of the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut, and president of the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford (better known as the Berlin Mosque)
  • James H. Smith, president of the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information

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    1. Yes. I love listening to other perspectives — I shared something with each of the panelists, but differ on perspectives with each of them, as well.

      1. I plan to listen as soon as I can get a little more caught up on my reading. And shopping.
        I’m interested in the perspective. I listened to a little at the beginning but had to leave.

          1. Good…then I won’t feel guilty about squeezing in an episode of Better Call Saul first.

              1. Yeah…and then just toss in another 4700 words from Nancy Ellen Abrams…which…well…see you over there

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