Does one “come out” as a Christian?

6a00e5508a201c88340147e3279355970bRecently, Ana Marie Cox, fonding editor of Wonkette, wrote an essay that announced she’s a Christian (she framed it as “coming out”). It created quite a stir (here, here, and here.

Why the big deal? I honestly don’t know.

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  1. I’m falling in line with Hemant Mehta’s conclusion.
    I’ve never been a follower of Cox. I prefer “progressive” writers with a different style. I’m glad she got a warmer reception than she expected, though. Not surprised. I think there is a real demand for “progressive” Christians in the media. Perhaps her disclosure will inspire others of like mind and spirit to be a little more demonstrative within the “progressive” sphere. (I use all the quotes here not to be demeaning but because I’m never quite sure what small P “progressive” means anymore.)

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