Prayers for former Gov. Rowland and his family.

john-rowland-brighter-22221-336x276Connecticut’s former governor, John G. Rowland, has again been found with his hand in the cookie jar and now he’s going back to jail. The actual crimes were:

seven counts that included obstructing justice, conspiracy, falsifying documents relied on by federal regulators and other violations of campaign finance laws.

As a former member of the Hartford Courant press corps, I spilled no small amount of ink over this man’s arrogance, and his inability to play by the rules.

But at this point, after Rowland already spending a year and a day in jail and putting his family through that (and we know a little bit about the disruption and heartache of having a loved one in jail), I don’t feel like chortling. I don’t have any fight left in me about this man, because he’s placed himself in the ridiculous position of pledging to appeal (he hasn’t a prayer) and dragging the rest of the state through more of the judicial process (yay) and then, ultimately, he will go back to prison, and if history is an indicator, he will come out, give some motivational speeches about how power corrupts, and…and…so on.

This sounds snarkier than I mean it to. I feel for him. I also feel for his family who get to do the walk of shame every time they leave the house. There should be no walk of shame for his family — they’re not the ones with their hands in the cookie jar — but that’s how life works. In all, the press coverage of this trial hasn’t been so much the beating-the-drum-kind, I think because for most journalists, this is just sad. It’s always tempting to wait around while someone arrogant gets his (or hers). But then when it happens? It doesn’t always have that celebratory feel. John G. Rowland needs no forgiveness from me (especially when he continues to maintain his innocence and especially since I’m a sinner, too) but we can probably let the courts do their work and hope for a good outcome for his family.


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  1. Your statement is thoughtful and generous.

    I have to wonder about arrogance — what IS it that makes someone think “oh, but that doesn’t apply to ME?” Many never get caught, but those who do, I would think, would set cautionary examples for others considering like actions. No?

  2. I’ll pray for him right after I’m done praying for all those who genuinely need and appreciate help. I may not get to him. He spent many hours on the radio badmouthing good people over recent years. It’s tough to find much compassion for him. I heard they were going to delay his incarceration, so he could attend his daughter’s wedding. That’s good for his family. However, if they do that for him, why not for everyone else? His wealth and fame should not earn special treatment. I feel more toward the families who did not get those accommodations.

  3. you are a much better person than I Susan. I hope our state does move on and perhaps gets the leadership and honesty that all hardworking CT folks deserve

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