A Texas bill would keep doctors from asking about guns

indexState Rep. Stuart Spitzer has introduced a bill that would

prohibit doctors from asking patients whether they own a firearm and makes the Texas Medical Board, which licenses physicians, responsible for doling out punishment.

You can read more here. And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

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  1. This isn’t the first place this has been brought up, is it? And what sort of power does the U. S. Surgeon General have in this concern?

    1. Florida has passed similar legislation that’s been adjudicated as constitutional…no infringement on a doctor’s “free speech.”

      Not much. He might be able to get a warning sticker put on all guns sold commercially…like what’s seen on tobacco products and booze. But that’s about it.
      He could use the high visibility of the office to help direct debate. But…as gun proliferation is not…yet…an “official” public health concern, I doubt that’s going to happen.

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