As we all take a deep breath over religious freedom

DickG. sends this, a ThinkProgress piece on the failed attempt by some conservative Christians to infuse the discussion about religious freedom with homophobia. It’s interesting, and contains this:

…some sociologists argue that Christianity’s unusual inclusiveness is precisely what helped it to grow so quickly, what with it famously expanding its ministry to both Jews and gentiles and its relatively robust inclusion of women in worship compared to other religious traditions in the first three centuries CE. This spirit is also encapsulated in Acts 8, the story of the first convert to Christianity. In it, Philip the Evangelist converts an Ethiopian eunuch, someone who was considered sexually “other” at the time, and who otherwise would have been excluded from some Jewish worship services.

Sad that folks like Mike Huckabee, an affable good ol’ boy if ever there was one, can’t get over his homophobia. (Read more about his latest nonsense about “militant gays” here.) (And have you talked to all Muslim bakers? Because I know some Muslims who think you’re a tool believe that it’s not their call to condemn marriage equality.)

No more churches? For cryin’ out loud, Mike. You’re not even trying, are you? ‘It’s not about discrimination, it’s about discretion?’ Do you even listen to yourself any more?

Both Arkansas and Indiana made another run at “clarifying” their nasty laws.


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    1. I don’t know. I only know I used to be accused of advancing it. It would have helped me be more effective had I known what I was actually advancing….

      1. Is it to make us all gay, and love Judy Garland and wear outrageous clothes? Because I’ve heard that not all gays fit that profile. Thus part of my puzzlement.

        1. This, apparently, from conservapedia (who knew there was such a fantasy-pedia?) is the Gay Agenda:

          Apparently, they are also miffed by not being able to use hate speech. According to them, discrimination and hate speech against gays are merely criticisms based on the Bible. To prohibit it is an attack on religion and free speech. The Gay Agenda makes them the victim, standing up for God, rather than the evil aggressor. See how they twist things?

          1. Wow. I have never seen this written out like this. I would think the people or person who wrote this should be sent to bed without supper. “Attack churches?” Fer cryin’ out loud, that’s ignit on a stick.

            1. The other topics in the “Conservapedia” look equally ignit! According to the “About Conservapedia” section, they claim, “We do not allow liberal bias to deceive and distort here.” It looks like “liberal bias” is a lot like the “gay agenda” in their eyes. Poor them.

              1. Wait. Am I to discern that if I’m a liberal, I’m also gay? Or I’m pushing the gay agenda? There’s a difference.

                1. I don’t think so, but I’m not a conserva-stupid-pedia expert. No, I think it all just means those poor conservative Christians are victimized by all of us sinner liberals and/or gays, and our agenda/bias….I think. Everyone is after them. Sounds paranoid to me.

          2. Wow. Paranoia super-sized. And since when does acceptance = approval? The words are used almost interchangeably, which makes it easier to dismiss.

            1. Um — “easier to dismiss” whatever it is you’re complaining about.

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