We’re No. 16!

According to the Social Progress Index, we rank 16th behind countries such as Canada, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany and you get the idea.

For our purposes, the index defines social progress as

the capacity of a society to meet the basic human needs of its citizens, establish the building blocks that allow citizens and communities to enhance and sustain the quality of their lives, and create the conditions for all individuals to reach their full potential.

imagesAs Leftover — who sent the links — says, the U.S. ranks No. 1 in gross domestic product by every measure we acknowledge. Yet we’re No. 16 in the important stuff?

Here’s more on the people behind the index.


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  1. The US ranks first in overall GDP according to the IMF, The UN, the World Bank and the CIA World Factbook. United States ranking on GDI, (gross domestic income) and GDP per capita can vary according to those same sources. Which doesn’t change the fact that judging progress based on a purely economic approach, (GDP, GDI or GDP per capita), does not accurately reflect how our economy is performing on a social level.

    I’m sorry I didn’t make that clearer.

  2. Some of the variables that contribute to our #16 ranking:
    30th in life expectancy
    38th in child mortality rate
    55th in maternal mortality rate
    41st in homicide rate (30th in overall personal safety)
    74th in ecosystem sustainability
    81st in suicide rate

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    1. I’ve tried to argue these facts a couple if times, but the right wing response always comes down to 2nd Amendment, personal responsibility, or it’s irrelevant. Like the Great Watchmakers, the Founding Fathers wound up the clock and walked away. In this world view, Real Americans owe nothing to the past or to the future.

      1. “… the right wing response always comes down to 2nd Amendment,…”

        April 13, 2015: OHIO BOY, 3, PICKS UP GUN IN HOME, KILLS 1-YEAR-OLD

        CLEVELAND – Police in Cleveland say a 3-year-old boy picked up an unattended gun inside a home and it went off, shooting a 1-year-old boy in the head and killing him.

        Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters gathered outside the home after the shooting Sunday afternoon that investigators are trying to determine where the gun came from.

        Williams sad at least one adult was home when the shooting happened.

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