Gwyneth Paltrow took the SNAP Challenge

indexAnd got her head handed to her.

You know the challenge, and maybe you’ve taken it yourself: Pledge to live on the same amount of food provided to someone on food stamps (now called SNAP). The amount varies from state to state, but it’s hard and it’s challenging and why do you think people were so hateful that Paltrow, who seems to be a target for all kinds of angst, did this? (Time magazine called her participation “poverty tourism.”)

But at least Slate told everyone to cool their jets.

And thanks, Kimberley, for the link.

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  1. Well…good for her. I suppose I should be impressed that another bourgeois bullshit artist is playing games trying to make some “connection” to the 47 million people using SNAP every day. But I’m not. I’m sure she’s a perfectly wonderful person. Really…I do. But games don’t impress me. Anyone who buys their own groceries knows how difficult it is to eat on that kind of budget. Being reminded that people in Paltrow’s class don’t have to worry about food budgets…really?…well…it ain’t helping. Is it?

    When I see her and her friends testifying before Congress in support of the program…against further cuts and restrictions…then I’ll be impressed.

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