Turnabout is fair play

indexA North Dakota coffee shop has banned anti-gay lawmakers. And then, because satire is sometimes too subtle for some, the shop owner posted this on Facebook:

“The Red Raven Espresso Parlor wants to clarify that all are welcome in our space. We do not attempt to discriminate,” he wrote. “The intent of our ‘ban’ was to satirize the environment that the legislation created for the LGBTQ+ community by voting against SB 2279. Here at the Raven we have workers and patrons who are included in this community who are directly impacted by this stringent and detached ruling. We stand by these individuals, as they are our families and friends. Its time the legislation affirms what the majority believes to be a fair, human practice of non-discrimination. In short, these 56 individuals are still welcomed into our establishment; however, their action/non-action has impacted far more than 56 individuals. Our ‘ban’ ponders the question, ‘What if that discrimination were re-directed, and reversed?’ All we can confirm is that, either way, it feels icky.”

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

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  1. What if an establishment discriminated against fake “Christians?”

    You know, fake “Christians,” people who piously claim to be Christian but who, in reality, don’t have a clue about Christ’s teachings. I’m pretty sure an actual Christian could devise a clear, simple and quick test to tell the difference. My guess is that such a test could be administered and completed in under 10 seconds. I think that would be fun!

    I also think that once word got out, an awful lot of “Christians” would avoid the place like the plague for fear of being “outed” or exposed for what they really are. Just a thought. PS: I never said this would be a viable business model.

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