The Supremes take on marriage equality next week and America says yes

When the Supreme Court takes up the issue of same-sex marriage, they will do so with the populace supporting marriage equality at the highest rate ever — 61 percent.

Then again, support for this has been increasing immeasurably in the last few years. so “highest ever” only means “the highest so far.”

Glory! You can read more about the Supreme Court and this issue here.

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  1. Interesting article on this in the NYT a couple days ago. It mentions “opt-out laws” being explored in states like North Carolina that allow public officials to refuse to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples if it violates said officials’ “religious freedom.”

      1. Depends on where they live I expect.
        The article mentions one conservative Christian official in Greensboro, NC “who began to see that my faith is not an impediment to loving my neighbor.” And is issuing marriage licenses according to current law. (The “opt-out law” is still working it’s way through the NC legislature.)
        Other officials have resigned rather than be forced to deal with marriage equality laws.

        The article itself is rather upbeat, in my opinion. reporting on slow but increasing changes in attitudes as marriage equality becomes law.

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