Prayers for the Supremes

gay_marriage_81102178Dear All-Girl Prayer and Meditation Circle: Do your thing. Send powerful thoughts to the Supreme Court today so that they might listen fruitfully and eventually make the right (and righteous) decision on marriage equality.

(Boys, feel free to pray/meditate as well.)

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  1. Amy Howe, the Plain English expert at ScotusBlog has two excellent articles on the controversies being considered by the High Court here and here. (And provides links to more coverage here.)

    If I was given to prayer, I would focus on Justice Kennedy. As Howe points out, he has been a moderate voice for LGBT rights generally, (as in the US v. Windsor/DOMA case), while remaining a “fierce champion” of States’ rights. A victory for national marriage equality will depend on what sort of balance he can strike between those two positions.

    I might also ask Jesus to whisper in the ear of Justice Thomas that the arguments against marriage equality are eerily similar to traditional arguments against interracial marriage.

    1. And Justice Thomas will probably reply “eeeuw, you couldn’t possibly be the real Jesus, the Republican one I mean.”

      While dining on a lovely salad lunch, I read this in the Jan/Feb issue of “Audubon:”
      Late last year a pair of Chilean Flamingos at the Edinburgh Zoo accidentally kicked their egg out of the nest and abandoned it. But thanks to the zoo’s resident gay flamingo couple, the orphaned chick gained two super-proud dads instead. This isn’t the first same-sex flamingo pair to come to the rescue: in 2007 the U.K.’s Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust gave its own committed couple, Fernando and Carlos,an abandoned egg to keep them from stealing everybody else’s.

      1. If Jesus is as wise and powerful as He is portrayed, He’ll make his voice sound like Scalia’s, and drop a little biscuit near Clarence’s nose.

        Just watched a PBS Nature program on Animal Cities, (you might be able to find it here), which had a segment about an Albatross breeding colony that was forced out of its traditional mass nesting ground due to erosion. A small group of the birds resettled at Ka’ena point Oahu, Hawaii. However, the females outnumber the males there 2 to 1, which means normal rearing of offspring by opposite sex couples was impossible. Due to the rigors of raising offspring, single parent rearing is also impossible. The birds adapted by creating same-sex pair bonds to rear offspring, (after normal breeding, of course). Albatross pair bonds last for life and they return to their nesting site every year to reestablish pair bonds to rear offspring.

        By the looks of it, everything seems to be going along just fine.

        1. “By the looks of it, everything seems to be going along just fine.”

          Soooooooo — the same-sex pairs didn’t destroy the traditional marriages of the other albatrosses?

          1. Why can’t I find something I read earlier this week, about a same-sex couple in the animal kingdom taking over raising (successfully) an abandoned animal? Did I dream it. When Leftover posted this first, I went looking for it and couldn’t find it. Yep. Must have dreamed it.

              1. I think that WAS it, but it was in a news story that ran in the last week. Dang it, I hate when I can’t remember stuff.

          2. It didn’t appear so…even though males had to mate with more than one female, (other than their traditional partners), in order for the adaptation to succeed.

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