If something sounds too good to be true…

stock-photo-12686598-afraid-businessman-running-away-from-a-big-foot…then run — don’t walk — the other way.

The recent Congressional budget agreement promises to do all kinds of magical things, but mostly? From Robert Greenstein, founder and president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the agreement, if approved:

would eviscerate substantial parts of the federal government — including parts that have previously enjoyed bipartisan support

That includes more than doubling the draconian cuts wrought by sequestration, which would affect (again from Greenstein):

education, job training, infrastructure, scientific research, medical research, veterans’ health care, child care, and many other important areas. Starting in 2016, sequestration will cut them by an average of $37 billion a year, on top of the cuts that the BCA’s tight funding caps already impose.


BCA is the Budget Control Act of 2011, and the emphasis in that paragraph is mine. In fact, this whole charade, from Stan Collender at Forbes, may be worthless.

And thanks, Leftover, for the links. You can read more about the budget conference agreement here.

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  1. Too much poverty is just plain bad for business. And this budget proposal is bad business.
    We cannot cure our budget woes by creating more poverty…by putting more burden on people who are least able to shoulder that burden. It’s immoral. Especially so in an Era of Wealthy Entitlement.

  2. Please, leftover…… The poor are worthless, unmotivated and lazy; they love living high on the hog on government largesse, sapping the economic strength of the worthy ones. Don’t you know that we need to give the poor less free stuff so they will be motivated to work harder but we need to give the rich more so that they will invest in creating jobs to provide ever-more goods and services? The fact that nobody will have enough money to buy those goods and services is something that folks can simply ignore (it doesn’t fit with the orthodoxy). Look at the overwhelming success stories in states like Kansas, which is a conservative super-majority state! Anyway, don’t we need more impoverished old people and children? Isn’t that what made this country great? I bet somebody plagerized this idea from Republican Jesus.

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