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  1. So does Bergoglio. He says, “The Christian seed of radical equality between men and women must bring new fruits.” Which is kinda a new one on me…but…apparently…Christian radical gender equality can help with the divorce rate. I think.

    Batgirl makes more sense. But…if the DOL really wants equal pay for equal work, why isn’t there a law?

    1. Because, because, because. And yes, the draw to Jesus for women early on was, in part, his radical notion of equality. How refreshing that must have been to be able to participate fully in the hierarchy of the church, if one chose to do that.

      1. It’s funny…I hear him say Christian and I don’t think Jesus.

        One way to avoid wage parity is…just don’t hire any women.

        “I don’t know where this idea [ordaining women] sprang from,” he said. “Women in the Church must be valued, not clericalized. Whoever thinks of women as cardinals suffers a bit from clericalism.”

        Do as I say, not as I do. Don’t sound much like Jesus to me.

        1. We all fall short. I imagine Jesus is doing a few face-to-palm movements over this. Or more.

  2. Go Batgirl! Let’s start by changing her title to Batwoman, because we don’t call Batman, Batboy.

    And speaking of titles and equal pay, how can the Pope seriously comment on this when women are prohibited from positions of power in the RCC? Equal pay for equal work means nothing if equal work is not available to women.

    1. I had this discussion with the granbabies, when I tried to convince Girl Baby that the title wasn’t “BatmanGirl,” but Batwoman. I do not believe I made much of a dent in that discussion.

      1. Originally. in the comic books, she was called Batwoman. There was a Bat-Girl character that was rather short lived, but the Batgirl character, and name, was created originally to draw female viewers to the 60s television show. It kind of took off after that, I guess. By that time I’d stopped reading superhero comic books.

        I watch Gotham, though.

        1. Then why the hell as Girl Baby chosen “Batgirl.” I will see her this weekend and continue the discussion. She’s not yet 4, so it may be a short one, but it will be lively.

          1. Poking around a bit, I find that Batwoman and Batgirl are different characters.
            Batwoman is a wealthy socialite lesbian who was expelled from West Point. She would like to get married, but apparently DC isn’t big on the idea.
            Batgirl is the feisty, computer savvy daughter of Jim Gordon. She has her own Batcycle! And a new look.

            Girl Baby, if she’s seen the comic book, is probably responding to marketing strategy. (Don’t let her watch Gotham!)

            1. I will work on her. As she doesn’t read yet, I fear she is drawing her conclusions from Television and the Shitty Images Thereof. (I don’t talk like this around her, I promise.)

              1. I think the best superhero for a four year-old is WordGirl. Her sidekick is Captain Huggy Face.

                The DC Universe is way too violent.

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