Why can’t this gas pipeline get a little attention?

Spectra-Energy_New-England_Atlantic-Bridge-Project_PipelineAt a hearing last night in Glastonbury, Conn., residents voiced their concern that an expanded gas pipeline planned through the state would have a far-reaching and dangerous impact on the state’s environment.

You can read more about the Atlantic Bridge Project from the company responsible for it — Spectra Energy — here.

You can read about people’s concerns about the project here. Or you can read here.

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  1. This pipeline will carry natural gas obtained thru fracking in the US, and terminate at Canadian export terminals. The private corporations involved plan to expand markets in New England, the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and Europe. Fracking has caused harm to land, water, air, and public health. The process uses tremendous quantities of water. In addition, fracking has caused many earthquakes. As a result of these risks, several Canadian Provinces have already put a moratorium on fracking so that closer analysis of the risks can be done. http://fusion.net/story/117111/another-canadian-province-just-approved-a-fracking-moratorium/
    Several European countries have done the same or have already banned it. The Governor of NY recently banned it. The Governor of PA recently signed an executive order banning it from all state lands. The list of bans worldwide is here: http://keeptapwatersafe.org/global-bans-on-fracking/
    What about CT? CT has no gas reserves so fracking won’t occur here. And the Governor has refused to accept the toxic fracking waste until 2017. So is the Governor against fracking? Absolutely not! He has supported it on the demand side. He supports increased use in CT and supports additional pipeline capacity. And guess who they want to pay for the pipeline expansion? Ratepayers. Us.

    The pipeline expansion not only creates demand for more fracked gas, it also adds methane, a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, to the air, and harms the environment during construction and transmission. It adds risk of explosion. We don’t have a good track record of preventing those. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6174082

    We need to invest in renewable energy, not infrastructure to support increased use of fossil fuels. To those who say it can’t happen or it’s too expensive? We chose a 100% renewable energy source electricity supplier and it was cheaper than the nonrenewable energy source electricity option from Ever source.

    Thanks for sharing this issue.

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