Medicine Hat becomes first Canadian city to eliminate homelessness

o-HOMELESS-facebookIf you think it can’t be done, look north Medicine Hat, a town of about 61,000 in southeast Alberta, which is about to declare homelessness a thing of the past.

How? By giving people who are homeless their own apartments. And this with a conservative mayor who’s become a champion for the cause.

We can do this. We really have to do this.

And thanks, Doug, for the link.

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  1. Nothing like a keen sense of social solidarity to secure the support of a Albertan fiscal conservative. Comes from all that good healthcare up there. Healthcare first works in fiscal terms. Why wouldn’t housing first? Everybody in means nobody left out. Literally.

    No surprise to their good neighbors to the south, Albertans made waves this year by abandoning the Progressive Conservatives at the polls, after forty years of support, and voting in Rachel Notley of the New Democratic Party. Waves that have reached all the way to Ottawa. Recent polls show beads of sweat building up on the foreheads of Harper’s Conservatives and Trudeau’s Liberals. They’ve got good reason for some anxiety. Canadian Medicare, (a single payer monopsony), began in Alberta and Saskatchewan and became a national movement in relatively short order. When Albertans say, “Keep your hands off my Medicare!”…they mean it.

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