What means “special training on dealing with women?”

Austin, Texas, greeted its first-ever female majority city council with a two-hour training session for city staff on how to work with women. And evidently, the training was planned by this guy, now on administrative leave pending an investigation.

You can read more here. Evidently, women ask more questions. (Whaaaat?) And we want the story behind the numbers. And sometimes? We just like a good cry. I made that last one up.

The facilitator knows all this because he has an 11-year old daughter.

And thanks, Diane, for the link.

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  1. Ah…Texas. I guess it’s true what they say: It’s like a whole other country.

  2. First off, if some of the men want to know how to best work with these particular women, maybe they should ask them, instead of asking some guy to explain it. General information (putting the accuracy of that information aside), based on averages, is not relevant in this situation, is it?

    Having said that, this made me think of my cousin-by-marriage’s book on coaching girls soccer. He co-authored, “Catch Them Being Good” and coached the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team to World Cup and Olympic victory. He’s had some success, and with the help of a psychologist who also co-authored. Although I haven’t read it, from what I do know of it is his claim that girls and women respond better to positive reinforcement. In a sport where a lot of men coach the girls’ & women’s soccer teams, maybe things need to be said or the coaches need coaching. I don’t really know. My gut says boys might respond well to positive (vs negative) reinforcement, too. I do have to acknowledge, there could be characteristics more commonly seen in one gender or another. But there’s also a spectrum of gender identity and each person is an individual, so…these guys in Austin,Tx need to not prejudge or put the women “in a box”. They should just talk with their female coworkers and get to know them.

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