NRA Blood Garglers® strike again.

01-10_Ax_NEW_Editorial_cartoon_NRA_stands_toughThe National Rifle Association reached a new low [NSFW illustration with that last link] when it successfully campaigned against a Louisiana bill that would have made gun ownership difficult for people who commit domestic violence against an intimate partner with whom they do not share an address.

Because who needs protection more than a person who beats a loved one, amirite?

Louisiana already has a law that protects against gun ownership of perpetrators of domestic violence who live with their victims. The living situation was a loophole the Blood Garglers® would not allow to be closed.

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  1. Because people who commit domestic violence are law-abiding citizens, right?

    1. Yes, law-abiding Constitution-loving citizens, and you never know what sort of protection they’ll need…..

  2. Makes me wonder what would be better: passed as amended (currently) or abandoned in it’s entirety.

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