Working together overcomes hate

79269c_51a83ec4bd57444e8848f80ee5ce47c4This is an interesting Relevant article about faith groups coming together to overcome a common challenge — say, ebola.

What if we approached homelessness the same way? What if faith groups put aside their beefs and their gigantic egos (Lord, those egos) and their “we’ve already tried that” and their “we’re doing that already” to pitch in and help recently-housed people with household goods? What if faith groups each adopted one of Greater Hartford’s 100-day challenge’s success stories. One congregation. One person.

My friend, Sara Capen Salomons at Journey Home is encouraging individuals to do this. How about faith groups? If you think you can help, Sara can be reached at Do it. You know you want to.

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  1. Hi Susan….long time no talk (Brother Tom here). Couldn’t find a good place to plug this in….but thought you might like to see it if you have not already. I assume you know of the book “Pastrix” and of the common religious heritage that Nadia shares with you….
    Full Story of the Church of Christ Apology to Nadia Bolz-Weber; “Naming the Thin Places” (Podcast Transcript)

    March 25, 2014 by admin
    (The audio version of this story is available here at our podcast: Of if you prefer to read the story, here is the transcript.)

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